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A dev walks into a bar…

…and says to the barman, “I’m in the bar. I’m thirsty. I have ¬£10.23 in my wallet.” “Great,” says the barman. “What can I get you?” The dev looks around. “When you take that glass and put it in front … Continue reading

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Using BDD as a Sensemaking Technique

A while back, I wrote about Cynefin, a framework for making sense of the world, and for approaching different situations and problems depending on how much certainty or uncertainty they have. As a quick summary, Cynefin has five domains: Simple … Continue reading

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Discrete vs. Continuous Capabilities

Warning: really long post. More of an article. This is a reasonably new and barely tested train of thought, so all feedback is most welcome! Also I do not know as much as I’d like about Ops, so please feel … Continue reading

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Using BDD with Legacy Systems

One question I keep being asked is, “Can we use BDD with our legacy systems?” To help answer this, let me give my simplest definition of BDD: BDD is the art of using examples in conversation to illustrate behaviour. So, … Continue reading

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BDD Before The Tools

Another client approached me today about BDD and using tools like Cucumber to automate scenarios. There are a few things I’d love to teams see develop as a focus before heading down the tools path. You may already be doing … Continue reading

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A Separation of Concerns

Out at Agile Eastern Europe in Kiev last month, I was privileged to see Bjarte Bogsnes and his talk on “Beyond Budgeting”. One of the elements that struck me most profoundly was when he separated the concerns inherent in budgeting. … Continue reading

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Capability-based Planning and Lightweight Analysis

As a follow-up to my post on estimating complexity, I wanted to share one of the interesting things I’ve been doing with the ideas and the numbers. This is quite long, but it’s turned out to be faintly revolutionary, and … Continue reading

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