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I am not a Pr0n Star: avoiding unavoidable associations

I just read Matt Amionetti’s thoughtfully worded response to the reaction he’s got from his presentation, “CouchDB: Perform like a Pr0n star”. Indeed, reading the response, it seems almost inconceivable that anyone could possibly be offended by his presentation. Matt … Continue reading

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Feedback loops

Because our customers don’t know what they want, they find out from the people that want the system. They sometimes get this wrong. Because I don’t know what to code, I find out from our customer. I sometimes get this … Continue reading

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Peer to peer feedback and sexual harassment in the workplace

Reading Esther Derby’s article on peer to peer feedback made me remember something that happened a few years ago (not here, I hasten to add). I’m sharing this as an example of how peer to peer feedback can resolve a … Continue reading

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