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Cargo Cults and Agile Values

What’s a Cargo Cult? Once upon a time, during World War II, there was an island on which planes landed. The islanders loved the planes landing, because they brought goods that the islanders couldn’t normally get. The soldiers shared the … Continue reading

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I am not a Pr0n Star: avoiding unavoidable associations

I just read Matt Amionetti’s thoughtfully worded response to the reaction he’s got from his presentation, “CouchDB: Perform like a Pr0n star”. Indeed, reading the response, it seems almost inconceivable that anyone could possibly be offended by his presentation. Matt … Continue reading

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What does “Not Agile” look like?

Last week, the XtC London group met up with the SPA2009 attendees. Joseph Perline ran a panel session with Tim Mackinnon, Rachel Davies and others in which they discussed the weakening of the Agile brand. One of the most interesting … Continue reading

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Six thinking hats

I’ve been wanting to try out Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats for a while now, and finally got the opportunity in a workshop last week. I was working with a team who had a vague understanding of the roles … Continue reading

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