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A Really Common Problem

I haven’t written in a while for various reasons, and will probably post more about the climate later (being an even bigger and more important problem), but today I wanted to write about a Really Common Problem that I keep … Continue reading

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How do you terminate a project in your org?

We all know that when we do something new, for the first time, we make discoveries; and all software projects (and in fact change efforts of any variety) target something new. (You can find out what that is by asking, … Continue reading

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A Stakeholder goes to St. Ives

As I was trying to resolve my problem, I met a portfolio team with seven programmes of work. Each programme had seven projects; Each project had seven features; Each feature had seven stories; Each story had seven scenarios. How many things did I need … Continue reading

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A Separation of Concerns

Out at Agile Eastern Europe in Kiev last month, I was privileged to see Bjarte Bogsnes and his talk on “Beyond Budgeting”. One of the elements that struck me most profoundly was when he separated the concerns inherent in budgeting. … Continue reading

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The Five Whos

Many of the companies I visit start with much the same problem: the development team aren’t collaborating effectively either internally or with the business, so they would like to adopt Agile, or better forms of Agile. Usually these are pretty … Continue reading

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BDD in the large

One of the biggest problems I encounter with BDD is that it was started by developers, for developers, so that we could get a better grip on what it was we were developing. As we began to understand the complexities … Continue reading

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Commitment – a novel about managing project risk

If you’ve heard me speak at any conferences or read my blog over the last few years, you’ll know that I’m really, really into Real Options. I’m half-tempted to get “Options have value. Options expire,” added to my tattoo. The … Continue reading

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The Myth of “What” and “How”

I often hear things like, “Tell the team what to build, but don’t tell them how to build it.” Or, “A feature is what you’re building. A story is how you’re going to build it.” Or, “When you’re doing TDD, … Continue reading

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ATDD vs. BDD, and a potted history of some related stuff

Another question that people often ask around or to me is, “What’s the difference between Acceptance Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development?” To explain, I’ll go back to the time when I first learnt BDD. BDD started at a … Continue reading

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Business Velocity

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe has written a great post on estimating business value, tying it into a feature-injection style template. I particularly like the idea of calculating business velocity, and showing value earned over cost on a visible chart. Even though … Continue reading

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