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A Really Common Problem

I haven’t written in a while for various reasons, and will probably post more about the climate later (being an even bigger and more important problem), but today I wanted to write about a Really Common Problem that I keep … Continue reading

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Out of Time

A couple of years back, I wrote about the 2018 IPCC reports. We were, at the time and as a species, doing pretty badly at safeguarding the planet which is our only home. CO2, methane and other greenhouse gas emissions … Continue reading

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5 Rules of Coaching

These rules have nothing to do with any methodology (except maybe complexity thinking, because human.) I have found it useful to bear these in mind while I coach. I’ve passed them on in various forms to people who are learning … Continue reading

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How Agile Manages Out Innovation

The Oatmeal has a fantastic comic on the Backfire Effect that was so popular, they rewrote it with, um, cleaner language. It starts simply. “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you.” And it goes on to … Continue reading

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Constraints and Cynefin

A short reminder of Cynefin and the difference between domains: Obvious situations can be categorized and have fixed constraints. Complicated situations can be analyzed and have governing constraints. Complex situations can be probed (trying something out that’s safe-to-fail) and have enabling constraints. Chaotic situations require you … Continue reading

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A Probe by Any Other Name

In complexity (new stuff is complex) we prefer to probe; which means to try something out that’s safe-to-fail. Knowing things are failing or succeeding relies on feedback loops; but who do we get feedback from? And what do we do … Continue reading

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Scenarios using custom DSLs

One of my clients recently asked me how often I use Cucumber or JBehave in my own projects. Hardly ever, is the answer, so I want to show you what I do instead. The English-language Gherkin syntax is hard to … Continue reading

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Off the Charts

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that the amount I’m talking about the environment and climate change has ramped up recently. I want to explain why, and why this is probably the most important blog post I’ve … Continue reading

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On Multiple Givens, Whens and Thens

I wrote this as a reply to user RHarris’s question on StackOverflow, but thought it might be easier to find here too. The login scenario and the access record here are adapted from their question. What contexts should we include … Continue reading

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How to run a Futurespective

Futurespectives, like Retrospectives, look back at the past… from the future! I find them very useful when there isn’t much to retrospect on: at the start of a project or initiative. I’ve run them for myself, for other individuals, and … Continue reading

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