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Pulling Power and Kanban experiences

My first ever article, “Pulling Power: a new Software Lifespan” is up on InfoQ. BDD, Feature Injection, Lean and Kanban playing nice together! Big thanks to Dan North, Chris Matts, David Anderson, Amr Elssamadisy and the amalgam of developers who … Continue reading

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Given / When / Then granularity

When we first wrote JBehave 1.0 we quickly recognised that there was power in the scenarios; in the conversations that they could help to drive, and in the reusability of the steps. I loved the ease with which you could … Continue reading

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JBehave 2.0 is released!

We discovered some time ago that JBehave 1.0 wasn’t being used. When we found out that it took over an hour to write the scenarios for the Game of Life, we realised why. Our goal with JBehave 2 was to … Continue reading

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JBehave 2 is up on its usual svn

svn co No ‘official releases’ yet, but if you want to play, go ahead. Examples of examples are checked into trunk. Features include: plain text scenarios steps defined using annotations that match the scenarios built on JUnit Ensure (which … Continue reading

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JBehave 2, naming tests and developing libraries with BDD

Peter Bell and I had a great conversation over Skype yesterday, which he’s kindly blogged. We covered test names, and also talked about how to develop libraries using BDD. Again, this is how I do things; it’s not necessarily the … Continue reading

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