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5 Rules of Coaching

These rules have nothing to do with any methodology (except maybe complexity thinking, because human.) I have found it useful to bear these in mind while I coach. I’ve passed them on in various forms to people who are learning … Continue reading

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Off the Charts

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that the amount I’m talking about the environment and climate change has ramped up recently. I want to explain why, and why this is probably the most important blog post I’ve … Continue reading

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Me too.

I don’t need to write a post about sexual harassment in the workplace. I already wrote one, 12 years ago. Reading it back, I was struck by the paragraph I wrote about blurred lines. I tried to remember what I … Continue reading

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A Helping Hand

This week, Sallyann Freudenberg and Katherine Kirk have been running a small summit on inclusive collaboration and neurodiversity – not just focused on diversity in our experiences, but in the very make-up of our brain. Sallyann suggested there was a … Continue reading

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140 is the new 17

I took a break from Twitter. A while back, I ran a series of talks on Respect for People. I talked about systems which encourage respect being those which are constrained or focused, transparent, and forgiving. I also outlined one … Continue reading

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BDD for Life – revisited at GOTO Chicago

A couple of years back, I ran a talk on how to apply some of BDD’s techniques to your whole life, and to life coaching. I am very excited to announce that this year, at GOTO Chicago (April 23rd – … Continue reading

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Commitment – a novel about managing project risk

If you’ve heard me speak at any conferences or read my blog over the last few years, you’ll know that I’m really, really into Real Options. I’m half-tempted to get “Options have value. Options expire,” added to my tattoo. The … Continue reading

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The Gordon Pask Award

Update: I’m told that it’s too late to get the Pask sorted out for this year – we’re Agile, but not that Agile! Please keep nominees in mind, though. Many members of the committee are talking and are keen to … Continue reading

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Deliberate Discovery – a “Sonnet”

Uncertainty’s the muse of all that’s new, And ignorance the space in which she plays; A year’s enough to prove a vision true, But we could prove it false in only days. We dream, and chase our dream, and never … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t sign the Software Craftsmanship manifesto

I’ve been reading Dan North’s post on programming as a craft, and Adewale Oshineye’s response. I also don’t view programming as a craft. I believe that programming is merely the vocabulary in which we express our craft or trade (and … Continue reading

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