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On Learning and Information

This has been an interesting year for me. At the end of March I came out of one of the largest Agile transformations ever attempted (still going, surprisingly well), and learned way more than I ever thought possible about how … Continue reading

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Using Scenarios for Experiment Design

In the complex domain, cause and effect are only correlated in retrospect, and we cannot predict outcomes. We can see them and understand them in retrospect, but the complex domain is the domain of discovery and innovation. Expect the unexpected! … Continue reading

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The Hobgoblin Manifesto

For Chris, the most Puckish person I know and who I am proud to call my friend. A Hobgoblin is mischevous from birth We never mean to harm, but to disrupt, To muddle up the stasis of the Earth That … Continue reading

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An open letter to Bob Marshall

Dear Bob, We’ve had our differences, mostly around a particular set of tweets you sent out about the Pask award in 2010. I was respectful enough to address those with you face-to-face. You refused to retract them, particularly the most … Continue reading

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Disorder, or, How I Got a Black Eye

In the Cynefin framework, the Disorder domain is the one in the middle. It’s the state of not knowing what kind of causality exists. Over on the right we have the predictable domains of Simple and Complicated, and on the … Continue reading

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Deliberate Discovery, Real Options and Cynefin

Last week, I held a hangout with a few people from the ALE community. A few people very much enjoyed it and got quite a lot out of it – it’s far less formal than most presentations. It takes me a … Continue reading

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The Eighth Day

Scholars immersed in books Rise blearily, wiping their eyes, And gather in knots of threes and fours In the angles of the square. They avoid each other’s anxious looks; The crowds who gathered to hear the wise Are turned away … Continue reading

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