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The Dream Team Nightmare: a Review

I remember Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone very well. They were the duo who published the “Choose your own adventure” books in my childhood; games which took you from one scene to another, battling monsters, solving puzzles and collecting items … Continue reading

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Upcoming engagements

There are a few exciting speaking and training engagements coming up, many of them UK based! First off, two tutorials: I’m running my first Deliberate Discovery, Cynefin and Real Options tutorial at Skills Matter on 29th May. These three ways … Continue reading

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Scrum and Kanban: both the same, only different

When I started coaching Agile methodologies, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. I had come from Thoughtworks, a company whose tools and processes are mostly driven by Extreme Programming, aka XP. In that respect, most of what I … Continue reading

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Done with Chickens and Pigs

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Chickens and Pigs, it’s based on an old joke in which a chicken and a pig set up a restaurant. The chicken wants to call it “Ham’n’Eggs”. The pig says, “No thanks. … Continue reading

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Gaming Culture with the Dreyfus Model

A few people here at the Lean Software & Systems Conference have asked me to write more about using the Dreyfus Model to game culture. I’ve already written quite a bit about the Dreyfus Model – how to use it … Continue reading

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Be nice to your PMs

After my talk at QCon London, some of the feedback I got was that I was really, really mean to PMs. In fairness, I was also mean to Tech Leads, architects and other managers, both in and out of software, … Continue reading

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Agile Training – a Recipe for Failure

Some while back, I was invited to a meeting with two people who worked within that area called “Human Resources”. To be fair to the individuals concerned, neither of them ever referred to people as “resources”, and indeed both of them showed an … Continue reading

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