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The Estimates in #NoEstimates

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted a paraphrase of something that David J. Anderson said at the London Lean Kanban Day: “Probabalistic forecasting will outperform estimation every time”. I added the conference hashtag, and, perhaps most controversially, the #NoEstimates one. … Continue reading

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What is BDD?

At #CukeUp today, there’s going to be a panel on defining BDD, again. BDD is hard to define, for good reason. First, because to do so would be to say “This is BDD” and “This is not BDD”. When you’ve … Continue reading

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BDD and Complexity Thinking tutorials at NDC Oslo

This year I’ll be running two 1-day workshops at NDC Oslo: Behaviour-Driven Development Have you ever wanted to know exactly what your customers want? Or helped them to clarify their requirements? Have you ever wanted to quickly pick up a … Continue reading

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BDD for Life – revisited at GOTO Chicago

A couple of years back, I ran a talk on how to apply some of BDD’s techniques to your whole life, and to life coaching. I am very excited to announce that this year, at GOTO Chicago (April 23rd – … Continue reading

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LSSC 2012

A lot of times when I go to conferences, I’ve already got a slew of half-formed ideas and thoughts from the amazing communities with whom I hang out. The conferences have been fantastic for helping me refine and validate those … Continue reading

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Upcoming engagements

There are a few exciting speaking and training engagements coming up, many of them UK based! First off, two tutorials: I’m running my first Deliberate Discovery, Cynefin and Real Options tutorial at Skills Matter on 29th May. These three ways … Continue reading

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CALMalpha – the second request

CALMalpha was meant to be a mash-up between the Lean, Agile and Cynefin / Complexity Theory practitioners. The outcome of the unconference wasn’t really stated. When you understand that a complex domain is one in which the cause of an … Continue reading

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CALMalpha – the first request

I came away from CALMalpha with a profound sense of depression. Our industry is in an awful state. A really awful state. It took me a day and a half to recognize one of the problems. There’s a prevailing sentiment … Continue reading

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Done with Chickens and Pigs

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Chickens and Pigs, it’s based on an old joke in which a chicken and a pig set up a restaurant. The chicken wants to call it “Ham’n’Eggs”. The pig says, “No thanks. … Continue reading

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The Gordon Pask Award

Update: I’m told that it’s too late to get the Pask sorted out for this year – we’re Agile, but not that Agile! Please keep nominees in mind, though. Many members of the committee are talking and are keen to … Continue reading

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