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On Learning and Information

This has been an interesting year for me. At the end of March I came out of one of the largest Agile transformations ever attempted (still going, surprisingly well), and learned way more than I ever thought possible about how … Continue reading

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Capabilities and Learning Outcomes

When I started training, I taught topics. Lots of topics! Nowadays, thanks to some help from Marian Willeke and her incredible understanding of how adults learn, I get to teach capabilities instead. It’s much more fun. This is how I … Continue reading

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A Dreyfus model for Agile adoption

A couple of people have asked for this recently, so just posting it here to get it under the CC licence. It was written a while ago, and there are better maturity models out there, but I still find this … Continue reading

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Gaming Culture with the Dreyfus Model

A few people here at the Lean Software & Systems Conference have asked me to write more about using the Dreyfus Model to game culture. I’ve already written quite a bit about the Dreyfus Model – how to use it … Continue reading

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Agile 2009 and Pat Kua’s Dreyfus session

Pat Kua’s running a Dreyfus modelling session at Agile 2009 that you should attend if you’re there and remotely interested in how people learn. Contrary to what it says in the printed program, I won’t be helping to run it. … Continue reading

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Building experts using the Dreyfus Model

I’ve just been reading Alan Skorkin’s and Mark Needham’s posts on the Dreyfus Model. It’s curious to me that Alan says, “it does nothing to help us build experts from the more junior people on the team!” and Mark says … Continue reading

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Dreyfus Modelling

I’ve put up a page on which describes how I use the Dreyfus Model in coaching. This model was the one we adapted to mark the XP values in the Game of Life workshop at Screwfix, and I’ve also … Continue reading

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Cargo Cults and Agile Values

What’s a Cargo Cult? Once upon a time, during World War II, there was an island on which planes landed. The islanders loved the planes landing, because they brought goods that the islanders couldn’t normally get. The soldiers shared the … Continue reading

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The problem with Scrum

Spurred by Dave Anderson’s blog pointing at Tobias Meyer’s blog… I once told this story to a group of people I was training as coaches. The problem with Waterfall Once upon a time some people noticed that their software projects … Continue reading

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