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Respect for People: it’s a Test, not a Pillar

On Monday at LKNA13, I ran an ignite talk on the title above. It was prompted by a video clip of John Seddon talking to Jeffrey Liker, suggesting that running interventions to make people more respectful might not be a … Continue reading

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Splitting stories into tasks – when, why and how (or not)

Before I write anything about this, I’d like to clarify what I mean by a task and a story. A feature is something tangible that works and which we could potentially deliver, if it was enough to provide business benefit. … Continue reading

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Who are your Users?

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while, and reading “Metaphors we live by” has given me some language and ideas to express it in. So here goes. Requirements come from above In a straw-man Waterfall project, requirements are … Continue reading

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Agile 2009: BDD Clinic, Feedback Workshop and Programming with the Stars

At Agile 2009, Pat Maddox of RSpec will be running a BDD Clinic with me. Between us we have experience with Java, .NET and Ruby code, and we’re willing to look at and learn from anything else. If you bring … Continue reading

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Feedback sandwiches and Real Options

Esther Derby writes great advice on giving feedback. I’m intrigued by her closing comment: Praise sandwich tends to erode trust in the feedback givers intentions, and once that’s gone, there’s not much chance any useful information will get through. I … Continue reading

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Cargo Cults and Agile Values

What’s a Cargo Cult? Once upon a time, during World War II, there was an island on which planes landed. The islanders loved the planes landing, because they brought goods that the islanders couldn’t normally get. The soldiers shared the … Continue reading

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I am not a Pr0n Star: avoiding unavoidable associations

I just read Matt Amionetti’s thoughtfully worded response to the reaction he’s got from his presentation, “CouchDB: Perform like a Pr0n star”. Indeed, reading the response, it seems almost inconceivable that anyone could possibly be offended by his presentation. Matt … Continue reading

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