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CALMalpha – the first request

I came away from CALMalpha with a profound sense of depression. Our industry is in an awful state. A really awful state. It took me a day and a half to recognize one of the problems. There’s a prevailing sentiment … Continue reading

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Done with Chickens and Pigs

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Chickens and Pigs, it’s based on an old joke in which a chicken and a pig set up a restaurant. The chicken wants to call it “Ham’n’Eggs”. The pig says, “No thanks. … Continue reading

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The Gordon Pask Award

Update: I’m told that it’s too late to get the Pask sorted out for this year – we’re Agile, but not that Agile! Please keep nominees in mind, though. Many members of the committee are talking and are keen to … Continue reading

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I always have so much fun at Agile 20XX conferences that it sometimes feels anticlimactic when they end. This year, however, I was lucky enough to get one of the last few tickets for Corey Haines’ latest CodeRetreat in Orlando. … Continue reading

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The Gordon Pask Award

The Pask Committee have given the Gordon Pask award to me this year for deepening existing ideas and coming up with some pretty crazy ones of my own. I can only do this because of the fortune I have in … Continue reading

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The Haiku Workshop at SPA2010

I’ll be running the ever-popular Haiku Workshop in the SPA2010 evening diversions on Monday 17th May. My focus for this is limited to 24 people. I’m not sure how attendance is being organised; however, if you want to attend and … Continue reading

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Lean Software and Systems Conference, Atlanta

I’ve been invited to speak at the Lean Software and Systems Conference in Atlanta, April 21st to 23rd 2010. BDD, often described as “TDD done well”, is strongly aligned with Lean principles. It’s a pull-based approach to delivering software that … Continue reading

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