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Estimating Complexity

Over the last few years, teaching people the Cynefin framework early on in engagements has really helped me have useful conversations with my clients about when different processes are appropriate. There’s one phrase I use a lot, which is self-evident … Continue reading

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Respect for People: it’s a Test, not a Pillar

On Monday at LKNA13, I ran an ignite talk on the title above. It was prompted by a video clip of John Seddon talking to Jeffrey Liker, suggesting that running interventions to make people more respectful might not be a … Continue reading

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The Deliberate Discovery Workshop

This is a pretty simple workshop which I ran at Agile 2011 and have run as part of my BDD tutorial since. It usually gets people thinking differently, so I thought I’d share it with you too. Some teams have … Continue reading

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It’s about the examples you can’t find, not the ones you can

A long time ago, I was toying with the idea of starting my test methods with “will”, instead of “should”. Dan explained to me, “If you start with the word ‘will’, you’re already making the assumption that you understand what … Continue reading

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