Look who’s on the JBehave team!


I guess this means I can officially answer questions etc. now.

Most recently, I’ve got JBehave to help me with the design of my Gui functionality. I did this by making a “ComponentFixtureDelegate” class, extending Abbot’s ComponentFixture. I used subclasses of this for each panel or frame in my behaviour class. I guess you could always extend ComponentFixture and delegate UsingMiniMock instead, but most importantly, it can be done. The panel and frame fixture extensions will also be useful for the story-running.

This is good, since it means that I can now start running stories without any mocks in at all.

My next step will involve changing JBehave so that it can run multiple events. Dan’s idea is to use “Steps”; event / outcome pairs which can be added in sequence. In my Tetris-like game “Hellbound”, this will enable me to easily do things like “move shape right, move shape right, rotate shape anticlockwise, rotate shape anticlockwise, drop shape”, expecting certain outcomes at each point.

Of course, I don’t need to feed these events into the game engine any more… I will be able to actually make the fixtures click on the relevant buttons or press the relevant keys.

At some point I may also get around to writing a couple of tutorials, and maybe making Hellbound open-source so that you can see an example of a real project using JBehave.

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