Things to do today

  • Use IntelliJ to refactor a class so it’s easier to test.
  • Add a suitable mock object jar to the library.
  • Add unit tests for the class which we’re about to change. Make sure all functionality is covered.
  • Write new test method which falls over.
  • Make unit test pass.
  • Write new test method which falls over.
  • Make unit test pass.
  • Check in new tests, new functionality, and all the tools required to do this again tomorrow.
  • Sit back, look at the lovely, tidy(ish) code and smile.

There’s just something about that green bar. I remember why I love this job.

I need to invent a green bar for housework.

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6 Responses to Things to do today

  1. anonymous says:

    I think the hard part is often making sure that all functionality is covered and finding the sweet spot between too few and too many tests.

  2. anonymous says:

    A nice cup of tea and a biccie and radio 4… that’s the green bar for housework.

  3. sirenian says:

    Hmm. It should really read “all behaviour is covered,” shouldn’t it?

  4. anonymous says:

    For all of us married people out there, I’m not so sure we would like to see the results of this. Before long, it would span into acceptance tests. 😉

  5. sirenian says:

    Ah… but the entire team has responsibility for the codebase, and you’re not allowed to assign blame…

  6. anonymous says:

    good point, you have me there. Ok, I’ll support the effort 🙂

    objo dot com

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