Grid Computing: a definition

Following pointers from my last post, I have scoured the net for clear definitions of JavaSpaces, tuplespaces and Grid Computing (ie: I typed the phrases into Google).

I have a better understanding of the subject as a result.

I still haven’t found a clear definition of a grid. Damian has suggested that the things I wrote about good grids are needed for a grid to be called a grid at all. Ian, who led the talk yesterday, has said that there are many definitions of what constitutes a grid, and that even vendors of Grid Computing software have their own definitions of Grid Computing. Add “confusion” to the Google search and see what comes back.

The definitions of Grid Computing which I found were so wide, so varied and so unclear that I gave up and wrote my own.

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3 Responses to Grid Computing: a definition

  1. sirenian says:

    Ade – how the **** do you find time to know all this stuff?

    Thanks, as always.

  2. anonymous says:

    Ian Foster is credited with coining the term “grid computing”. He uses a three part checklist:
    1. coordinates resources that are not subject to centralized control …
    2. … using standard, open, general-purpose protocols and interfaces …
    3. … to deliver nontrivial qualities of service.
    For his full explanation.

    — Daniel R.

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