Informative Workspace at XP2005

Last night at the XtC, Rachel Davies and Tim Bacon did a dry run of their “Informative Workspace” workshop, to be held at XP2005.

Rachel said that she’d taken the term “Informative Workspace” from one of the new practices in the 2nd edition of “XP Explained”. The workshop explores the various ways in which tacit information is made explicit in Agile teams, small ceremonies and rituals attached to information presentation, the benefits of information delivery vs. the hindrance of information overload and interruption, socially bonding information, etc.

Hearing other participant’s stories of their own workspaces and how information was delivered, from a whiteboard-clad wall to blue flashing lights or strange noises to indicate the success or failure of a process, was entertaining. If you find yourself at XP 2005 and are lost as to which session to attend next, I would recommend this. I came away with some new ideas, a good understanding of the need to balance interruption and information delivery, appreciation of the kind of cultures in which certain delivery systems are appropriate, and a new awareness of the number of systems which are in place in my own project.

Good luck to Rachel and Tim, and thanks for a fascinating evening.

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