Greetings from XP2005

Lovely to finally meet Alan Francis and Dave Hoover for the first time.

Things I learnt today: I have a hard trouble shifting preconceived notions. (Fortunately Alan and Dave are similar to my expectations.) Whilst working through an exercise in which each of us was taking a turn to make a failing test pass, then write another (ping-ping-ping-ping programming?), I almost rewrote the class, very disrespectfully given the efforts my fellow attendees had gone to to get to that point. (Will link to The Coder’s Dojo and the Harry Potter exercise when I have a mo.)

I did eventually get the test to green-bar, but the others were right: I took far too big a step. There was a much smaller step that I could have taken which would have meant rewriting less code, but I didn’t see it. In my head, I had already decided how to solve the problem. If I had been given the code fresh, I might have come up with the smaller step, but this time round I missed it. So; kudos to me for getting the hardest test to pass, nil points for methodology – but at least I learnt something new. Now all I have to do is work out what to do about it…

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