Things we talked about at the XtC last night

(Just so I remember)

Which of your projects made you cry at night, and why?

I suspect that our abilities to define exactly why a project made us cry have been shaped by those projects which didn’t. Lack of communcation between teams / leaders, an inability or unwillingness to face reality and / or measure it, and projects of poorly defined or undefined value all made it into this mix.

Use of colour in mind-mapping

Edward de Bono wrote a couple of books: Six Thinking Hats, and Six Action Shoes (one of which I own, but haven’t read yet). Successful mind-mappers sometimes use the six colours as BOIs (Basic Ordering Ideas) in their mind maps, substituting grey for white. Others in the team find it easy to understand the key. Time I read that book.

Performance tests, and how to write stories for them

  • Is it even possible?
  • Knowing when to stop helps.
  • There are different measurements of ‘performance’, eg: processing speed, bandwith use, caching, etc.
  • It’s still possible to phrase things in terms of “As a <role>, I want <some outcome> so that <some value>”.
  • It’s harder if it’s a pet project and there’s no deadline.

Refactoring the ten commandments

A controversial discussion in which we use agile techniques to remove duplication and make the stone-etched edicts easier and more fun to use.


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