Fun things to find in your code

An Http utility class with a getGetMethod method.

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2 Responses to Fun things to find in your code

  1. anonymous says:

    There is a GetGetMethod in .Net’s PropertyInfo reflection class, so you’re not the only one;)

  2. ext_28844 says:

    Love the stutter. It’s “Deja vu” code. Imagine bringing yourself to implement this one:

    public interface InterfaceProblemsMBean extends InterfaceProblemsSuperMBean {
        void setSet(boolean something);
        Boolean getGet();
        Boolean isIs();

    On a tangent of similar vein, I’ve seen plenty of this lately – it’s “No $#!+, Sherlock” code:

    public class Something extends Object {
        // entertain JaBOL here

    Josh Graham

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