JBehave 1.0 released!

The JBehave team is delighted to announce the release of JBehave 1.0!

Please try it out and send us feedback.

Features include:

  • Behaviour runner – equivalent to JUnit 3.x
  • Story runner – runs executable scenarios / acceptance criteria
  • Story printer – outputs stories and scenarios in human-readable form
  • Minimock framework – a lightweight mocking framework based on JMock 1.x
  • Classmock framework – allows minimock to mock concrete classes
  • A Swing harness – minimal and fast
  • Eclipse plugin – runs behaviours in Eclipse
  • Ant tasks – run behaviours, run stories and print stories using filesets
  • Maven integration – apparently!

Documentation will follow soon (days, not months); in the meantime we suggest that you use the Hellbound examples in the source to guide you.

Many thanks to the team and contributors for all their work.

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