Dear Team Orange

I just wanted to thank you very much for everything you’ve done so far.

This is my first stint as IM.

It could have been easier than it was, but you gave me space to breathe.

You were prepared to take on stories together, even though you were new to the project.
You improved the performance, even though you had a ton of functionality to deliver.
You took responsibility for the whole, even though you were only working on a part.
You didn’t stamp on each other’s changes, even though you were all on the same pieces of code.
You never cut corners, even though you were under pressure.
You never complained, even when more requirements were added.
You made time to keep me informed, even though you were busy.
You were pragmatic, and you never lost sight of the ideal.
You met the deadline, even though some of us doubted you.

A huge Thank You, and well done!

Note to readers: No Team Orange members were harmed in the making of this feat, nor did any of them work silly hours. It’s not about the time they put in; it’s about the smile on our customer’s face.

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