Your Horoscope for May

How people

A bon-mot from a stranger indicates that May will be full of irony. Striving for perfection will bring you into conflict with those who want it now, dammit! This month someone with dark hair will annoy you; a gracious response will win them round before June.

Your tool of the month is RDT.

Why people

Rising opportunities make this month look positive, but time may pass slowly if the length of your emails is anything to go by. Don’t be tempted to respond to others’ ramblings with equal lack of thought; you should try to beat their word count by at least 20%.

Your word of the month is Sesquipedality.

Who people

New-found discipline in your social life is leaving you with time on your hands. There’s plenty to do; experiments will produce results. Avoid anything with “Drink me!” on the side.

Your pub of the month is the Coach and Horses in Farringdon.

When people

A question asked in innocence suggests new ideas – but is the timing right? An opportunity to travel presents itself and this may give you space to breathe, assuming you can get a visa.

Your quote of the month is: “He who would travel happily must travel light”.

What’s my sign?

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2 Responses to Your Horoscope for May

  1. ext_43883 says:

    Liz, I think RDT is dead – swallowed by Aptana

  2. sirenian says:

    Cool, I shall try reinstalling Aptana. Last time I tried it I became unable to open any XML files in Eclipse. Eeeew.

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