BDD comes to OOPSLA!

Dan and I will be running a joint tutorial on BDD at Oopsla.

    Participants will get the chance to

  • create executable stories and scenarios from predefined story cards and follow their implementation through to a unit level
  • understand the role of the customer and QA in helping to define and manage the stories and scenarios
  • learn how to define the behaviour and responsibilities of unit-level code in natural language, and understand how this drives better design
  • learn how to use JBehave’s story and behaviour frameworks
  • find out about alternatives to JBehave, support for languages other than Java and how to use existing tools such as JUnit
  • hear about the impact of these techniques on real-world projects.

The emphasis will be on the BDD techniques, with JBehave used as a supporting tool.

If you’ve ever wondered what the fuss is about, this is your chance to find out!

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