A Mind of Its Own

I’m reading the book “A Mind of Its Own”, by Cordelia Fine. I sometimes find it hard to make headway with this kind of material and put it down after the first couple of chapters, but for whatever reason this one has gripped me.

It’s all about the strange tricks that the brain can play on itself, and the things that people do as a result. Particularly, we become blindsided to our own faults.

Then I came across this perfect example, in an article about Donald Trump’s plan to build a £1 million golf course being turned down by Aberdeen council, with the help of assorted committees, protesters and a fisherman:

Sorial defended accusations the Trump team had been "arrogant and patronising" in its approach. "There’s a view we are arrogant. We are not arrogant. We set certain standards. It may be incomprehensible to smaller minds, but we have always set high standards. We presented them with a plan and hoped they could open their minds, but it was too much for them."

I can’t understand how anyone could misconstrue such grace and humility. Shocking. Chalk one up for the Aberdonians.

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