Your Horoscope for February*

How people

Sometimes it’s nice to get your head down without any distractions, but beware – are you cut off from the rest of the world? No one is stopping to wait for you. Get the most important things done now, and leave yourself plenty of time to play. Other gems are buried in the sandpit.

Your tool of the month is Quicksilver.

Why people

It’s always strange when an alien to your planet turns out not only to speak your language, but to read your mind. Still, they’re here for a reason. From higher up, they can see everything you can and more – is there something beyond your horizon that you need to know about?

Your word of the month is Maelstrom.

Who people

Remember all those people you haven’t seen for a while? It’s time to look them up and drag them out of hibernation. You may find it difficult to get in touch, but persevere – perhaps they’re looking for you, too. When the storm hits, the best place to be is in the centre of everything.

Your eatery of the month is Barbeque Nation, Bangalore.

When people

The tree you’ve been tending for the past few years has finally borne fruit. Ironically this means it’s time to leave your garden behind, but don’t worry; others will learn how to tend it. Pack a few seeds, your favourite books and just go – the people you rely on won’t be far behind.

Your quote of the month is: Hearts that are delicate and kind and tongues that are neither – these make the finest company in the world..

*I stopped doing these because I didn’t think so many people were interested. Turns out I have some fans in India, and some comments I hadn’t read. Thank you! The Horoscope returns!

What’s my sign?

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