Ignorance is bliss

I used to get angry with ignorant people, until I realised that it only made them hide their ignorance. Then I realised that I was ignorant too. Now I love ignorant people best of all. I deliberately seek them out; they give me the greatest buzz in the world.

I particularly love helping them appreciate their ignorance, mitigate against it, and eventually displace their ignorance to somewhere else.

Some people like to call this movement “learning” and the act of helping people with it “teaching”, but really, the idea that we can somehow put an end to ignorance is entirely illusory. The only thing we can do is to move the ignorance around, and find out which places it moves fastest and with the most fun attached.

We call those places “strengths”, and people who can move their ignorance quickly are “fast learners”. “Experts” have done more shifting of their ignorance than others. “Gurus” are the ones who’ve managed to handle an exponentially increasing amount of ignorance, finding more of it in themselves than most people can ever handle. Some of them have found patterns for shifting the ignorance quickly. It’s still there, though.

I want to be a guru one day. Gurus are the best. They teach me all the new places of ignorance that I never knew were there, and open my mind up to just how much of the stuff there is. I can’t imagine anything worse than running out of things to learn. Having lots of ignorance to play with is just lovely.

Now, where did I put that Ruby tutorial?

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1 Response to Ignorance is bliss

  1. anonymous says:

    I agree very much with acknowledging ignorance the way you do.

    The challenge is that ones Ignorance is either decreasing or increasing. It increases in enlightened people who recognize what it is, that they truly don’t know.

    But the downside is the Ego makes one feel as if they are making progress on Ignorance, while they are merely doing record keeping as opposed to expanding.

    So, why is Ignorance associated with Bliss? Because Bliss is the state of enlightened people who accept that they truly have no control, and as such, they have nothing to worry about. But it is also a deceptive state of the wholly uneducated that take no variables into account and believe there is nothing they can do, so they might as well do nothing… Happy to just be Ignorant of their Ingorance in order to achieve a faster and easier bliss…

    Now the tough part for me, is which one is right?
    I think I know which one is right for me and maybe you…

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