Your horoscope for April

How people

You’ve spent years making yourself invaluable to your friends, family and colleagues. Your confidence is at an all-time high – how many people in the world can do what you do? Watch out, though; pride cometh before a fall. You’re a deep roller. Let’s hope one of your parents was not.

Your tool of the month is Mingle Proj-o-matic.

Why people

Yesterday the room was crowded. The smell of pressure hung heavy in the air. The quiet tap of fingers on keyboards, the whispered conversations, the passionate arguments, the occasional round of applause as a story reaches completion – these were the sounds that punctuated your life. So how come it’s suddenly so quiet?

Your word of the month is anachronism.

Who people

They promised a future in which robots clean the house, food is manufactured by holes in the wall, money is irrelevant, war is history and learning is taken in pill form. It hasn’t happened yet. There’ll always be work for people people – shelve any plans you had for holiday this month; you’re needed right where you are!

Your pub of the month is Leela Palace, Bangalore.

When people

A blank page can stifle the most imaginative mind – sometimes creativity requires a place to start. Still, if mistakes are cheap then there’s room to play. Imagine a world in which you could write things down in English, and just have it work. Imagine what would happen if you didn’t even need to write it down. The brain is the most amazing computer in the world… so far.

Your quote of the month is:
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

What’s my sign?

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