Tyburn 1.1 released

Tyburn, the little GUI harness for helping you Swing more easily, has had a few changes:

  • Slow mode now added, so you can use it to show your scenarios being run (great for BDD presentations or working out what’s actually causing that bug)
  • The Ascii Grid DSL converter which I’ve used for Tetris and the Game of Life for years has been added
  • You can now specify the timeout for finding an open window
  • You can ask the control if it’s got the window open (makes it easier to close all windows in a tear-down).
If you’re just using the WindowControl, nothing should break when you update (this includes all those of you who’ve participated in one of the many Game of Life workshops).
If you’ve done strange things like overridden classes or methods, something might not compile when you update – but the fix should be small and obvious.
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