Agile 2009: BDD Clinic, Feedback Workshop and Programming with the Stars

At Agile 2009, Pat Maddox of RSpec will be running a BDD Clinic with me. Between us we have experience with Java, .NET and Ruby code, and we’re willing to look at and learn from anything else. If you bring your work or ideas along, we will be able to give you feedback and maybe make some suggestions for writing more readable or maintainable scenarios, examples and code. I’m hoping that this will be a community event, since the room is quite large – if you fancy yourself as an expert and want other people’s opinions, come along! Feel free to drop in and out of the session at any time; it’s not a presentation or an ordered workshop, and we’re there to be disturbed (if we’re not disturbed enough already).

I will also be running a workshop on giving and receiving effective personal feedback, and judging the Programming with the Stars competition.

We have been asked, as presenters, to provide materials for our sessions. Unfortunately the BDD clinic has capacity for 300 people! So, I’m not going to be able to bring enough post-its, index cards, pens, pencils etc. with me from England. If you’re coming to the clinic and fancy writing down any of our grains of wisdom or the pearls that you form around them, please bring your own. I imagine most of the vendors and exhibitors will have free pens that you can grab (try the Thoughtworks stand, they’re very friendly).

If you’re coming to the Feedback workshop and you can’t remember what you learnt, I should have done my job better. You might want to bring some paper and pens anyway. There’s always room for improvement!

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