Upgrading wordpress and the missing posts

I’ve finally got around to installing wordpress on my professional services site and upgrading to 2.8.3 on this blog.

Then, this morning, I noticed that a link from Wikipedia’s BDD page to one of my old posts was broken. Further investigation showed that several other posts were also missing.

Before I upgraded on my virtual Red Hat server, I dumped the database, imported it into my Windows MySql, and tried the upgrade there. The posts were still fine on the Windows version. I tried reimporting the dump, and ran into the same problem. I can see my missing posts in the SQL file, but they’re not being restored. Still haven’t quite worked out why this happened, or why the upgrade had the same effect as the dodgy restore. I’ll do some more investigation when I have more time.

To cut a long story short, I created a new database, dumped directly from my Windows database to the one on the linux server, then blatted the wordpress options with the ones from the old database so that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of setting up my theme again.

This seems to have worked. If you find any problems, please do let me know.

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