Kanban thinking: hungry vs. peckish

I just read Michael Dubakov’s excellent post on Kanban psychology, and the shift in thinking from the habits we’re taught to a more rational behaviour.

This post made me remember what it was like, being a developer who’s discouraged from sitting and reading blog posts, or books, or learning more about the job, but who can’t find much meaningful work to do, so starts on the next most valuable non-valuable thing. The feeling was very similar to the way I feel when I can’t work out what to do, but it’s lunchtime soon, I know I’m not completely stuffed, there’s a snack machine down the corridor, and I’ve got into the habit of kinesthetically nibbling on things when I have nothing else occupying my attention.

I can say “no”. Here’s to better dietary habits, for both me and my projects. Long may they last.

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