WiPFlash and IronRuby

Ben Hall has blogged his use of WiPFlash together with IronRuby to test Windows applications. Thank you, Ben!

The example UI that Ben’s using is WiPFlash’s own. I particularly wanted to provide a pseudo-realistic application, so WiPFlash has a pet shop. It works in memory, with hard-coded data – the idea is just to provide a realistic UI. This has really helped me to learn more about WPF and Prism, and get useful feedback about what I’m doing wrong from people who know better!

A pet shop

I have a couple of additional features I want to add before we move to 0.X releases, then I’ll stabilise the interface and make sure it’s all configurable for 1.0 – so if there’s something missing which you’d need to use WiPFlash on your project, please let me know. I’m trying to keep this really light-weight, so I might say “no”, but I promise to make you feel good for asking!

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