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Discrete vs. Continuous Capabilities

A capability is more than just being able to do something. The word which describes being able to do something is ability. I do sometimes use this while describing what a capability is, but there are connotations there that are … Continue reading

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Using BDD with Legacy Systems

One question I keep being asked is, “Can we use BDD with our legacy systems?” To help answer this, let me give my simplest definition of BDD: BDD is the art of using examples in conversation to illustrate behaviour. So, … Continue reading

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BDD Before The Tools

Another client approached me today about BDD and using tools like Cucumber to automate scenarios. There are a few things I’d love to teams see develop as a focus before heading down the tools path. You may already be doing … Continue reading

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A Separation of Concerns

Out at Agile Eastern Europe in Kiev last month, I was privileged to see Bjarte Bogsnes and his talk on “Beyond Budgeting”. One of the elements that struck me most profoundly was when he separated the concerns inherent in budgeting. … Continue reading

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Capability-based Planning and Lightweight Analysis

As a follow-up to my post on estimating complexity, I wanted to share one of the interesting things I’ve been doing with the ideas and the numbers. This is quite long, but it’s turned out to be faintly revolutionary, and … Continue reading

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Behavior-Driven Development – Shallow and Deep

I had a bit of a chat with Eric about Shallow Kanban. The idea with Shallow Kanban is that you’re doing the basics – visualizing the workflow, improving collaboratively, limiting WIP, making policies explicit, etc. – but perhaps only some of … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as Declarative and Imperative

I finally managed to catch up with Dan North last week at NDC Oslo (since we don’t seem to be able to do that in our home city). We were talking about Declarative vs. Imperative, when Dan said something that … Continue reading

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BDD and Complexity Thinking tutorials at NDC Oslo

This year I’ll be running two 1-day workshops at NDC Oslo: Behaviour-Driven Development Have you ever wanted to know exactly what your customers want? Or helped them to clarify their requirements? Have you ever wanted to quickly pick up a … Continue reading

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BDD for Life – revisited at GOTO Chicago

A couple of years back, I ran a talk on how to apply some of BDD’s techniques to your whole life, and to life coaching. I am very excited to announce that this year, at GOTO Chicago (April 23rd – … Continue reading

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BDD Training – a bit differently

Did you know that there are types of requirements which are so uncertain that talking through them will just end in arguing about them? Or that some requirements are so well understood they’re simply boring? That some requirements are more … Continue reading

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