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Examples in the large

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about Feature Injection. Here’s a quick summary of how I do it: Vision: A primary or core stakeholder has a vision which will save money, make money or protect revenue. Goals: As well … Continue reading

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BDD in the large

One of the biggest problems I encounter with BDD is that it was started by developers, for developers, so that we could get a better grip on what it was we were developing. As we began to understand the complexities … Continue reading

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Showcasing the language of BDD

Since there are a few debates going on (again!) about whether BDD is just TDD done well, I thought it might be interesting to showcase some examples where BDD language made a difference to people’s understanding. From StackOverflow, TDD – … Continue reading

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The Myth of “What” and “How”

I often hear things like, “Tell the team what to build, but don’t tell them how to build it.” Or, “A feature is what you’re building. A story is how you’re going to build it.” Or, “When you’re doing TDD, … Continue reading

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It’s about the examples you can’t find, not the ones you can

A long time ago, I was toying with the idea of starting my test methods with “will”, instead of “should”. Dan explained to me, “If you start with the word ‘will’, you’re already making the assumption that you understand what … Continue reading

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Conversational patterns in BDD

BDD isn’t about the tools. It’s about the conversations you have, exploring examples (or scenarios) of an application’s behaviour, to see if everyone has the right understanding. Of course, we don’t know what we don’t know, so feedback is still … Continue reading

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Deliberate Discovery – a “Sonnet”

Uncertainty’s the muse of all that’s new, And ignorance the space in which she plays; A year’s enough to prove a vision true, But we could prove it false in only days. We dream, and chase our dream, and never … Continue reading

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ATDD vs. BDD, and a potted history of some related stuff

Another question that people often ask around or to me is, “What’s the difference between Acceptance Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development?” To explain, I’ll go back to the time when I first learnt BDD. BDD started at a … Continue reading

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Acceptance Criteria vs. Scenarios

Some common confusion I’ve come across recently involves the difference between a Scenario and Acceptance Criteria. I’ll start by defining these two things as I understand them. A scenario is an example of the system’s behavior from one or more … Continue reading

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Questions on BDD

After my BDD tutorial at XP 2011, some attendees asked if I could write up a list of the review questions I asked afterwards. I asked them because they reflected on the things that I hoped the attendees learned, and … Continue reading

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