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Scrum vs. Kanban: FIGHT!

Scrum: Hm, you’re rather small. Are you sure you want to do this? Kanban: Bring it. Scrum: Right. I represent a fundamental mindshift in the way that people do projects. Kanban: So do I. My mindshift is different to yours; … Continue reading

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A Coaching Kanban board

Chris McMahon mentioned my example of a coaching kanban board in the second of his series of posts against Kanban. That it comes across as simple and infantile in Chris’s example is my fault; I only really touched on the … Continue reading

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The Lean software production line

Andy, the release manager at my current client, asked, “How can I get the teams to follow a consistent process where readying the release for deployment is concerned? We have different version control systems, different build processes… how do I … Continue reading

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Pulling Power and Kanban experiences

My first ever article, “Pulling Power: a new Software Lifespan” is up on InfoQ. BDD, Feature Injection, Lean and Kanban playing nice together! Big thanks to Dan North, Chris Matts, David Anderson, Amr Elssamadisy and the amalgam of developers who … Continue reading

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