Pulling Power and Kanban experiences

My first ever article, “Pulling Power: a new Software Lifespan” is up on InfoQ. BDD, Feature Injection, Lean and Kanban playing nice together!

Big thanks to Dan North, Chris Matts, David Anderson, Amr Elssamadisy and the amalgam of developers who make up “Jerry”; also to the Thoughtworkers who reviewed my article and gave me advice, and the Kanbanjins like Eric Willeke who patiently talked me through Lean and Kanban. Several times. Anything I still haven’t understood is my error, not theirs.

I wish I could have put in everything I’ve learnt about Kanban, which is far larger than this article allows. It strikes me as a lovely, simple, high-discipline, least-wasteful way to deliver software, and it matches my feeling that you should fit your process to reality, not reality to your process.

My experiments with Kanban boards so far have been highly successful. Now I want to know about the problems, too. Have you tried Kanban? What happened? Did you try to introduce it? Did that work out? If not, why not? Did you think about introducing it, but decide not to? Tell me your stories!

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