Dreyfus Modelling

I’ve put up a page on lunivore.com which describes how I use the Dreyfus Model in coaching. This model was the one we adapted to mark the XP values in the Game of Life workshop at Screwfix, and I’ve also found it powerful when used in one-on-one coaching in combination with GROW and well-formed outcomes.

It’s taken me a fair bit of practice to get good at building Dreyfus models, using them appropriately and adapting them for different organisations; however, I’ve not encountered much downside to using them. If anything, the act of creating them has taught me a great deal (Dan North reckons there’s a Dreyfus Model for Dreyfus Modelling.)

lunivore.com has changed hugely since this post was written. For more about the Dreyfus model, see here.

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2 Responses to Dreyfus Modelling

  1. Rev. Dan Tripp says:

    Howdy Liz,

    The Game of Life workshop link points to localhost. Would you be able to fix the link, ‘specially since I was interested enough to click on it? 🙂


    – Dan

  2. liz says:

    Thanks, Dan! Now fixed.

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