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Deliberate Discovery – a “Sonnet”

Uncertainty’s the muse of all that’s new, And ignorance the space in which she plays; A year’s enough to prove a vision true, But we could prove it false in only days. We dream, and chase our dream, and never … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t sign the Software Craftsmanship manifesto

I’ve been reading Dan North’s post on programming as a craft, and Adewale Oshineye’s response. I also don’t view programming as a craft. I believe that programming is merely the vocabulary in which we express our craft or trade (and … Continue reading

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The Gordon Pask Award

The Pask Committee have given the Gordon Pask award to me this year for deepening existing ideas and coming up with some pretty crazy ones of my own. I can only do this because of the fortune I have in … Continue reading

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My Grandad

My Grandad looked like Merlin. He had white hair down to his shoulders, steel-blue eyes that sparkled when he grinned, and half his teeth. My Grandad worked as an engineer during the war. He used to talk about the bombers, … Continue reading

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Calling UK residents

Rob Bowley has set up a petition to ask the government to review the way in which IT projects are done. I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up of hearing tales of Government IT failure. I even heard … Continue reading

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This blog is now under Creative Commons

I hereby release these blog posts under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. If you want to do anything different to this, please ask.

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Upgrading wordpress and the missing posts

I’ve finally got around to installing wordpress on my professional services site and upgrading to 2.8.3 on this blog. Then, this morning, I noticed that a link from Wikipedia’s BDD page to one of my old posts was broken. Further … Continue reading

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