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Mocks, outside-in, swarming features and guesswork

The paradox of mocking When we code from the outside-in in BDD, we start with the layer we know – the UI, often graphical – establish collaborators for the UI, establish collaborators for those classes, and work our way inwards … Continue reading

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Business Velocity

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe has written a great post on estimating business value, tying it into a feature-injection style template. I particularly like the idea of calculating business velocity, and showing value earned over cost on a visible chart. Even though … Continue reading

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Pulling Power and Kanban experiences

My first ever article, “Pulling Power: a new Software Lifespan” is up on InfoQ. BDD, Feature Injection, Lean and Kanban playing nice together! Big thanks to Dan North, Chris Matts, David Anderson, Amr Elssamadisy and the amalgam of developers who … Continue reading

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Given / When / Then granularity

When we first wrote JBehave 1.0 we quickly recognised that there was power in the scenarios; in the conversations that they could help to drive, and in the reusability of the steps. I loved the ease with which you could … Continue reading

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Dan and I talk about BDD at Oopsla 2007

Back last year, Vlad Gitlevich kindly made a video of Dan and I talking about BDD. We concentrated almost exclusively on the principles rather than the technology, which means the video is still very relevant. Particularly we talked about how … Continue reading

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Splitting up stories

The high-level vision is made up of Stories of Unusual Size We have a good idea of where it is we want to go. We have some high-level stories which are quite large. We’re about to play some of them … Continue reading

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Feature Injection and handling technical stories

Technical stories don’t make sense As I learn more about stories and how they get written, I occasionally come across odd things that don’t make sense. One of these is the technical story. Here’s an example: As a developer, I … Continue reading

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