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Given / When / Then granularity

When we first wrote JBehave 1.0 we quickly recognised that there was power in the scenarios; in the conversations that they could help to drive, and in the reusability of the steps. I loved the ease with which you could … Continue reading

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Dan and I talk about BDD at Oopsla 2007

Back last year, Vlad Gitlevich kindly made a video of Dan and I talking about BDD. We concentrated almost exclusively on the principles rather than the technology, which means the video is still very relevant. Particularly we talked about how … Continue reading

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Splitting up stories

The high-level vision is made up of Stories of Unusual Size We have a good idea of where it is we want to go. We have some high-level stories which are quite large. We’re about to play some of them … Continue reading

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Feature Injection and handling technical stories

Technical stories don’t make sense As I learn more about stories and how they get written, I occasionally come across odd things that don’t make sense. One of these is the technical story. Here’s an example: As a developer, I … Continue reading

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RIP As a… I want… So that…

If you’re more interested in the results than the conversation, skip to the summary. Recently, I’ve realised that a lot of BDD has been very dev-focused. There’s a reason for that. Dan’s a dev, I’m a dev and most of … Continue reading

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