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Deliberate Discovery, Real Options and Cynefin

Last week, I held a hangout with a few people from the ALE community. A few people very much enjoyed it and got quite a lot out of it – it’s far less formal than most presentations. It takes me a … Continue reading

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Tyburn 1.0 released

It seems to be the season for releasing code! Tyburn is a fast, minimal, extensible Java Swing harness that was originally part of JBehave 1.0. You can download it here and use it like this: WindowControl control = new WindowControl(“my.named.frame”); … Continue reading

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JBehave 2.0 is released!

We discovered some time ago that JBehave 1.0 wasn’t being used. When we found out that it took over an hour to write the scenarios for the Game of Life, we realised why. Our goal with JBehave 2 was to … Continue reading

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JBehave 2 is up on its usual svn

svn co http://svn.codehaus.org/jbehave/trunk No ‘official releases’ yet, but if you want to play, go ahead. Examples of examples are checked into trunk. Features include: plain text scenarios steps defined using annotations that match the scenarios built on JUnit Ensure (which … Continue reading

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RIP As a… I want… So that…

If you’re more interested in the results than the conversation, skip to the summary. Recently, I’ve realised that a lot of BDD has been very dev-focused. There’s a reason for that. Dan’s a dev, I’m a dev and most of … Continue reading

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Bug Driven Development: a danger of delivering the pretty GUIs first

After my last post, Negin and I were quite pleased that we’d got as far as we had. So was our Business Analyst. “So, this story that was estimated at 3 days,” she said. “Can I say it’s only taken … Continue reading

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BDD: Bug Driven Development

Today, Negin and I paired on a brand new piece of work. “We’ll need to create this domain object,” she said, “and a database table.” “I don’t want to do that,” I said. “I’d rather fix the stuff that’s broken.” … Continue reading

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Crazy like a fox.

At my current client, everyone loves BDD, and everyone starts their tests with the word ‘should’, describing the behaviour of the associated class. I’m currently looking at this code: public class PrimaryMixingIteratorTest extends EasyMockObjectTestBase{ public void testShouldIterateLikeAFox() throws Exception { … Continue reading

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