Doing the simplest thing and YAGNI

On an aside, some people have asked me why I’ve chosen to set up my services site as a hard-coded website with server-side includes, instead of using another WordPress blog or something similar. I did it because:

  • It was the quickest way I could think of to get a website out with a reasonable amount of content
  • I wanted to be able to get the style right (or at least usable) before I had to wrap it around WordPress
  • I had no idea what I was going to put in the website when I started.

Having said that, it’s now annoying me. There’s enough up there that the next stage is to, um, move it to a customised WordPress site (it should look exactly the same, but be easier for me to administer).

I did learn a lot about CSS, Mercurial over SSH from Windows, and Apache SSI configuration while I was playing with this. It will be much easier for me to set up the WordPress site, now I know what I don’t want on it and what I need for the styling to work. And I didn’t need a WordPress site when I started. YAGNI wins again.

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