Deliberate Discovery, Real Options and Cynefin

Last week, I held a hangout with a few people from the ALE community. A few people very much enjoyed it and got quite a lot out of it – it’s far less formal than most presentations. It takes me a minute or so to get going, but once I do, this turns out to be the first time I’ve ever approached the idea of embracing uncertainty without starting with BDD or using it as a backbone.

There are quite a lot of experiments in this – it’s the first time I ever led a hangout – so please excuse the lack of preparation!

If you want to see something more formal, I also held a webinar called “Fail Fast, Fail Safe”,  on similar and related issues, complete with slides. I get to rant a lot in this one about people who “guarantee success” with Agile and Lean, and show some examples of how we all tend to do it without realising, anyway. Unfortunately we had a few technical difficulties outside of my control, so I drop out for a minute or so a few times. It got good votes despite the problems.

Big thanks to Ivana, and to Emily at Arrows Group, for arranging these sessions and making sure they were recorded for posterity!

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